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Shaw Dance Studio

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Why Dance?

Our Mission

We firmly believe that dance education develops and teaches each individual participant physically, socially, emotionally, and artistically. The mission of Shaw Dance Studio is to provide a safe, nurturing and positive outlet and environment where students can reach their full potential as dancers. Our goal is for our students to become well-rounded dancers with a technical training to give them the foundation to pursue any potential career in dance, and also to develop the foundation for learning discipline, commitment, integrity, organization, and dedication in not just dance, but in all aspects of life.

Dance mirrors life!!!

Class Offerings and Descriptions
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Hip Hop
Summer Dance Camp

Danceline Prep
Modern Contemporary
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Dance, Dare, Dream and Do

Shaw Dance is the best dance studio for your child. Shaw Dance Studio and Preschool originated in 1991. Our philosophy is to build well rounded, highly educated dancers that are versatile in all dance forms, disciplines and genres.

I became a dance teacher because I wanted to give students what dance gave to me. My goal as a dance educator is to instill self-confidence and individualism in all of our dancers. We believe in not just teaching dances but rather teaching dance technique and all of the dance elements. This approach has made us very successful in our competitive and recreation classes.

We also offer an academic preschool for children ages 3 to 5. We focus on a structured curriculum and kindergarten readiness.

I invite you to give us a call and join our dance family at Shaw Dance Studio.
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